South Point, Hawaii

Plant Dieta at Earthsong Hawai’i

Beginning June 2020 we will be offering master plant dietas here at Earthsong.  Traditionally plant dieta is given in isolation in the jungle, adheres to a very limited diet, and the apprentice ingests and cultivates a relationship with a particular plant: to learn the teachings and healing power that the spirit of the plant offers.

Strict dieting or fasting has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazonian basin for thousands of years to:

  • Restore human health and ward off diseases
  • Prepare for fishing and hunting expeditions
  • Mark a rite of passage and prepare young people for adulthood
  • Increase physical strength and stamina
  • Induce altered states of consciousness directed towards wholeness
  • Receive guidance, wisdom, and direction from spirits and develop sensitivity and intuition
  • Purify the body and spirit
  • Ward off negative energy and bad spirits

The traditional belief of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon is that plant remedies need careful time to begin to work. Which is very unlike Western medicines which we expect to begin to heal the body or alleviate pain immediately. It is frequently said that “en la dieta está la curación,” the healing is in the dieta, not just in the plants or trees.

A master plant diet involves a consultation, where we will assess your specific scenario and recommend a plant teacher for you to work with based on your situation and intentions.

You will then consume some of the plant you wish to diet (usually in the form of a tea), and after that, follow a strict diet – no salt, sugar, oil, or fats, and no energetic transfers including physical touch or sex.

Your diet will be opened with sacred ceremony and will connect you to the spirit of your plant, after which you will be able to receive the knowledge and teachings of that plant, both in and out of your ceremonies.

Some of the plants that will be available for dieta include: banisteriopsis caapi, chiric sanango, bobinsana, ajo sacha, sananga.

Plant dieta minimum stay is 7 days and includes the following:

  • opening ceremony
  • private room with shared facilities
  • plant medicines
  • basic dieta mealsCost for 7 day dieta is $1500
    Cost for 14 day dieta is $2500
    Cost for 21 day dieta is $3500
    Cost for month long dieta is $4000